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The City Of Calgary: Plotting To Increase Traffic Congestion
& and Forced Elimination of car Mobility Choices?

No place is worth visiting that doesn't have a parking problem" Rollin Stanley
Motto on Website Blog of Calgary's top City Planning official

'Rollin is Out to Quash the Rolling Stock' Number of Vehicles
Calgarians desperately need for their mobility essentials
in the Downtown.

Calgary's former Chief Planner, Rollin Stanley, wanted
Calgary growing 'up,' not 'out'
Rollin Stanley an outspoken advocate of smart growth
Calgary Herald June 11th, 2012

City Transportation Planning Creates Elbow Drive Bottleneck on Purpose?

Elbow Drive and Mayfair Road SW Intersection has just been altered! (Sept. 2013)
A recommended contestant to Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Going North, approaching Elbow Dr. and Mayfair Rd SW from the South. Note new protruding island forces cars to first go left into heavier traffic and then signal left to make the turn. Previously, turning cars could be out of the mainstream of traffic.
efore the change, the Bus could proceed into the cutout across the intersection.
Folks, our mobility in our beloved City is being robbed from under our feet by unsound philosophy being applied in a harsh, dangerous, and careless way.


Note the previous Bus Cutout Lane has been filled in completely and replaced with an oversize passenger waiting pad and grass area. Shelter has been moved forward.
The visual message loudly proclaims that there is lots of room for bus passengers but all other drivers must be subjected to unnecessary inconvenience.
It is unlikely that any collection of waiting passengers would fill such a large pad at any hour at that location..

The bus has arrived, stops for loading
in a previously unblocked lane forcing
cars to wait from behind, blocking the intersection for turns. Waiting cars could possibly make a left swerve into the centre lane to get around it.
All of this on the beginning of a curve
in the Elbow Dr. Now Add two feet of

freshly fallen snow and mix.
City engineers trained in a day of clearer
thinking would be cringing at the nonsense of it all!

Elbow Drive is a major critical access to the Downtown Core. This deliberately created bottleneck is made to create frustration and backups.
Send me pictures of similar unwise actions by the City in recent days.
I would appreciate knowing what we have rip out, and undo in the next term.

Larry is interviewed on Local Calgary CTV news
on Tuesday , September 24th, 2013

***Click Link and go to the 6:00 minute mark to the 8:45 time.
- among other mayoral candiates Carter Thompson &Norm Perrault, Larry takes reporter
Bridget Brown to the Intersection of Mayfair Road and Elbow Dr. S.W.
where the City just created a planned bottleneck in traffic by filling in the bus
turnout lane and obtrusive curbing to slow traffic down in favor of the Buses.
Larry Heather uses his theatre background and singing voice to make the point of
making Calgary more Cars friendly.

Larry Heather, Candidate for the Mayor of Calgary speaks out.

The information in the article linked above, some 15 months ago in the Calgary Herald, is an ominous sign to come for traffic weary Calgarians. Rather than serving the individual mobility needs that Calgarians inevitably have, the City Planning Department, at the direction of City Council have chosen a man who is designing City streets to take significant choices away from you. He is a man who detests one way streets and has a decided dislike for
suburbs. And all of this on the verge of more efficient vehicles and space compacted automated parkades.

All of this in Canada, the second largest land mass Country in the World, with ample room for the expansion of it's cities. This is not sea locked Holland with precious land space reclaimed from the sea by dikes. Most Calgarians choose the suburbs, because life is healthier for families, more private, more secure and with far greater recreational space in the suburbs. Sardine can crowding, stacking floor upon floor, is not the preferred choice of most Calgarians.

But planners at City Hall are out to transform you by social space engineering. The Civil Servant Planner, has transmuted into THE MASTER CONTROLLER of your mobility choices. What you should rightfully want as a freedom loving individual, is being constricted. Planning choices deliberately complicating and provoking congestion, is the name of the silly game. To force people to 'mode shift' to other transportation such as the trains, buses, bike and walking paths.

That is a fine and even desirable option for a strong minority of people whose family lives , business and volunteer commitments do not necessitate them having the utmost mobility. But Calgarians, being the active and dynamic citizens they are, cannot and should not be forced out of their cars without a knock down fight. Because, in spite of the obtuseness of utopian bureaucrats and college professors, Calgarians realize utmost mobility is a key to making great things happen. A great deal of the uniqueness of what Calgary is, comes out of the fact that it has always been, like the running rivers of the Bows beside them, a City of the Running Car.

All of these restrictive measures are being forced on Calgarians as a result of the seismic waves of change, emanating out of the' Reducing Green House Gases Emissions In Calgary.' This thirty-five page report, was spewed forth by the notoriously left-wing, anti fossil fuels, anti-'tarsands' Pembina Institute. And at the cost of $340,000 of hard earned taxpayers money. note: GHG aka - also known as " Giant Humongous Government "

People whose lives are often devoid of any other living faith, become very attached to these world wide environmental crusades. To save the world from a manufactured crisis, that has not produced any upward temperature change in the last sixteen years. And to boot, the benificent thrill of playing the Messiah for their poor misguided 'climate change denying' neighbors.
The twenty-two people from Pembina who were hired to produce this charade, a pale version of the Stephane Dion Green Shift of long ago, have all profited from this needless waste of tax payers money.

And now we find, through the freedom of information sleuthing work of Ezra Levant, that the United Kingdom government through their Ottawa embassy, also paid Pembina healthy cash to alter, the oil producing business climate of Calgary. To a foreign oil producers benefit. Talk about climate change! It really has always been about the socialist redistribution of wealth from taxpayer to regulating bureaucrat.
Don't even give this report the dignity of the blue bin. Trash it in the black, and C02 it into the air!

Like an Environmental Advocacy constructed tailings pond, every taxpayer duck who puts their feet in the gummy recommendations of this report, will find the end results fatal to Calgary's economic vitality. That is why it is time to sound the warning guns, so we can fly far from it. This report actually encourages in new building developments, such insanity's as not including minimum required parking spaces, paid or free. O well, Grandma with the Walker visiting the grandkids, in the sardine can stack, has to 'mode shift' to CTraining it too! Tough apples Granny?

Well, that's all for now folks! The above Elbow Drive Planned Bottleneck. Is this just a taste of what's coming down the
frustration planning pike.

What If This.....

Turned To This!