EMail Your Ward Councillor &the Mayor Congratulate Magliocca, Chu, Sutherland and Demong for voting against Extending cycleTrack pilot.
Chide the others for their foolishness.
The reasons are many and I'm sure you have many to add.
Here are some to put into your own words if you need some prompts.

1. Cycling Identity Politics: Nenshi and Urbanists have practiced a sort of identity politics, where an inherent moral goodness is given to unfettered cycling, while the greater good of
the motoring public and the economic health of society have been lost. Cars and Trucks are cast as morally inferior and can be discriminated against at the will of planners and engineers. On 5th St. and 12th Ave, frequent construction and unloading have blocked the lanes, still another bike lane is set up and reduce traffic flow to only one lane. These is unbelievable nonsense! The taking of lanes on major roads is a form of triumphal symbolism meant to stick it to the cars and trucks.

2. Combined Congestion/Idling: The aggregate congestion of 3 minutes extra travel and engine idling of thousands
of vehicles a day far exceed the convenience of a few hundred cyclists in daytime/warm seasonal use.
3. Conversion Costs In Millions: During this severe recession, costs to install permanent concrete medians in place of the temporary curbs is a useless and unneeded expenditure.

4. Crippling Plugs to Mobility: Instead of efficient traffic flow, the Cycletracks has decimated the viability 11th,12th Ave. one-way couplet, and made turns onto 5th St. has greatly hindered the outlet of 9th Ave. All of this while a virtually unused biketrack is built into the sidewalk of 13th Ave. SW

5. Stressed Out Business: Devastating effects on Business Access has caused many enterprises to fail (Escoba)or relocate (AMA). See My YouTube on this topic The promised boom in cyclist generated business has been a mirage, even for eateries..

6. Dangerously Narrow Lanes: Taxi cabs on 8th at the Ramada Inn risk their safely each time they get out. Tour buses must unload in active traffic, Handicapped Zones are either gonzo or have concrete barrier to jump before getting to sidewalk. EMT and Fire vehicles virtually plug traffic going both ways. We have yet to see a major snow storm plug these lanes, but rest assured the Cycletracks get priority snow clearance over traffic lanes.

7. Severe Pedestrian Compromises: Crosswalk cross times reduced from 30 secs to 15 or 10 secs to Accommodate Bike signals.
This is a quick or the dead situation for the aged and handicapped.

8. False sense of Security: Cyclists using the tracks become over confident thinking drivers will always see two way cycle traffic in a turn.

9. Alternate Routes Ignored: Wide Sidewalk at end of 8th and underpass of fifth can take bike paths. 6th St. SW south of 10th is a quiet cycling route that is fully adequate. Remember that a separated BikeTrack is a 24/7 hindrance to productive traffic even in very low use hours and frigid months. Eight Ave in East Village to Fort Calgary to walk bridge into Inglewood. Many better ideas!

Full Council Vote: Monday December 19th,2016 Passed 10-4 (Stevenson away for sickness)
Only Sutherland, Chu, Maggliocca, and Peter Demong opposed it.

See You Tube Videos of All CycleTrack Shortcomings Here

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