why revoke the Cycle Tracks Centre City Pilot? - 20 Videos Illuminating

A Multitude of malfunctions documented via you-tube
And Alternative routes that make sense
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12th Avenue S.W. Cycletracks 8th Avenue S.W. Cycletracks 5th Street S.W. CycleTracks 9th Avenue S.E. Cycletracks 7th Street CycleTracks (Cement Median)

Video 1: 12th Ave SW Signal Timing: The Quick & The Dead


Video 8: Lane Width Hazards
Disrespect of Handicapped
on 8th Ave. CycleTrack
Video 4: 5th Street Traffic Obstructionism

Video 18: 9th Avenue SE CycleTrack Congestors - Part One

Video 14: Obstructionism on 7th Street

Video 2: Snow Forensics and CycleTracks
12th Ave. SW
Video 9: Boneheaded Placement of 8th Ave. CycleTracks & Business
Video 5: 5th Street Construction Problems
Video 19: 9th Avenue SE CycleTrack Congestors Part Two & Urban Design
Video 3: Logical Alternative Route to 12th Ave. CycleTracks
Video 10: CycleTracks on 8th Ave SW vs. Taxi Drivers, Hotel, Escoba Bar and Deliverymen
Video 6: Alternative to Obstructive
5th Street CycleTrack
Video 21b: Alternative Route to 9th Ave. BikeTrack via East Village
Video 15: 'One Laning' on 12th Ave. SW Cycletrack at 8th Street SW
Video 11: Mobility and Access Destruction on 8th Ave. CycleTracks
Video 7: Bike Counter Deception & Turning Lane Vandalism on
5th Street SW Cycletrack
Video 16: Lane Shifting at 12th Ave SW CycleTrack at 8th St.
Video 12: Weeds, Trucks, & Cut Off of Horizon on 8th Ave. CycleTracks
Video 17: Snow Clearance Costs
on CycleTracks Network
Video 13: Salting Bike Stands, Narrow Turn Lanes on
8th Ave. BikeTracks