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Larry's Policy Releases
" Every ill of which men complain, has it's roots, sometime, somewhere, in broken law and deserted principle."

2021 Election Platform Larry for Mayor 2021- 21 Plank Policy Platform
Restoring the Lordship of Christ to the Mayor's Chair

21 Plank Policy Platform
*I pledge to restore the Lordship of Christ to the Mayor's Office in harmony with the Supremacy of God preamble of the Charter. This is a transparent statement of my value allegiance and no one need be surprized if my actions are based on this overarching governance.
* We must ensure election integrity and fairness of voting
above all other considerations or we lose the trust of the people.
*We must counter any attempt to institutionalize or fund reverse racism that is designed by Marxists to tear our society apart with division.

1. Cut City Staffing by one-third. City Hall is a Growth Panning Monstrosity afflicted with the equivalent of Gigantism. Unnecessary and distortion producing growth due to pituitary tumor producing overproduction of growth hormone. This is best accomplished by revoking the Calgary Municipal Development Plan which is
sucking the lifeblood out of taxpayers for a perpetual 'jobs' program for Urban
Studies graduates.
2. Fighting Congestion and making vehicle travel in Calgary efficient again will be a major focus of Larry's term.
3. Reversal of the renaming of Langevin Bridge to Reconciliation Bridge. Halting the imposition of an Aboriginal City Reserve and divided loyalties, and dumping of invocation of Treaty Seven sovereignty that replaced the Council Prayer. Educate on the dangers of false historical revisionism of Canada's History. Promote the Commonwealth and the monarchy as an irreplaceable part of Canada's History.
4. Commitment to restore the Lordship of Christ over the Mayor's Office To honor the Supremacy of God as the basis for the Rule of law.
5. Dissolving the Municipal Land Corporation to get the City out of profiting from the manipulation and speculation of land pricing.
6. Seek to Remove Bowfort Towers to a more suitable location such as the entrance to a Calgary landfill. Revoking of the Public Art policy, and making grants conditional per location, subject to public scrutiny before project is chosen.
7. Reinstate the older hours when a playground speed zone was applicable
Do not allow schools to be designated playground zones. Reverse any moves to lower residential speeds down to 40 or 30kph across the City.
8. Phase out the use of CRL districts which burden the general taxpayer, and the ruse of Bonus Density slush funds.
9. Educate on the origin of, the irreplaceable benefits of R1 Community zoning and restrict the secondary suites areas, reinstate the application fees.
10. Reduce the Cycletrack network on major roads, limit the growth of cycling lanes to proven usage only. Proper reporting via non-distorting statistics,
11. Stop the needless replication of Provincial and Federal Ministry Departments and functions within the City structure.
12. Scale back on the 'royalty language' of design. We should serve the taxpayer, not the excessive vision of a bankrupting, #Socialust regime. Drastically reduce the amount of time spent In-Camera from the public scrutiny. From the current 25% to a median 7%.
13. Reversing the Diversity, Equal Gender hiring mandates of the Civic Administration, Police Force, and Fire Department. Oppose official endorsement of racism against the dominant culture and people. All positions to be merit based only.
14. Work on cutting the supply chain of illegal drugs. Educate citizens on the harm of so-called legalized drugs. Tough action on the pushers of drugs.
15. Refuse as much as possible, all provincial and Federal funding based on ill-defined Carbon Taxes, environmental penalties which are harmful to the oil and gas economy of Calgary.
16. Repeal and Replace the bankrupting and foolish, excessive urban designs of Imagine Calgary, The Municipal Development Plan, and the Calgary Transportation Plan. Restore the primacy of the automobile and truck to our mode of transportation. Monumentalizing in the Core cannot be allowed to debase Municipal Standards throughout the rest of the Calgary.
17. Drastically reduce property and business taxes, letting the business growth develop along consumer demand, not socialistic projections.
18. Revoke Stickered Mailbox bans, these are a violation of protected Free Speech
19. The building of a new Arena can only be accomplished by ensuring drastic cutbacks in municipal spending and mandate drift and overreach. The lowering of property and utilities taxation will benefit all pro sports ventures in the City.
20. A major reform in enforcement of the Community Standards bylaw to reverse the current slide into SlumVille tolerated by the current regime. Also a dedicated program to halt weed proliferation on private and public realms. The current 3rd Worldish maintenance standards of the current regime must be taken to the dump along with Bowfort Towers.
21. Reverse all infringements against the freedom of religious counseling and teachings
which are protected by God and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Campaign Line: 403-253-0676

Past Policy Releases
Larry's Past Policies of 2013 Still Applicable for today
You see, true conservatism is consistent and not faddish.

Platform Release A Tuesday
September 10th - 2013

Platform Release A-
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor

1. City of Calgary : Budget and Financial Reporting
( C.D. Howe Institute - Holding Canada's Cities to Account.- Nov. 2011 )

While Calgary is ahead of some cities in Canada in the way the budget and financial documents are reported in a multi-year model, some definite improvements are in order. Budgeting and Financial Reporting Documents should be generated on the same accumulative (accrual) accounting basis to provide maximum clarity and overall status level to both Calgary City Hall and the general public.
Operating and Capital budgets should be combined into an organic whole. The same aggregation of department listings should be consistent in both the Budget and the Audited Financial Statements for accurate comparisons.
An example of such transparent standards is to be found in the budget and financial statements of the municipality of Surrey, B.C.

2. Authority of Council vs. Administration

The permanent government of the City Hall Administration must inform the decisions of the Elected Council only with solid and reason based facts, that are not based on a 'turf protection mentality.' Esoteric, insubstantial comparisons, which seem to be in vogue in certain departments, will not suffice as a administrative based override to the will of Calgary City Council. Approving Authority standards should be subject to a selective external audit every four year term.

Platform Release
B - Tuesday
September 17th, 2013
Platform Release B -
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

3. Relationship to Municipal Districts
- The Mayor of Calgary should aim to foster cooperative and helpful alliances with the surrounding municipal districts and towns/cities around Calgary. (Foothills & Rockyview in particular)
A petty or jealous competitiveness hurts Calgary and is to the detriment of the welfare of the surrounding commuters who work in and contribute to the economy of Calgary.

4. Calgary As Tourism Portal to Southern Alberta
- Foster a Tourist Awareness Of Events happening in Southern Alberta. As an international airport hub, what makes Southern Alberta strong makes Calgary strong and increases the interest & scope of attraction on which to promote tourism coming though the Calgary hub.

5. Mayor's Relationship with Established Businesses

- It is important for a mayor to respect the prior achievement, work, and challenges of established businesses in the City of Calgary. A despising attitude by a Mayor in his dealings with such important community builders is unhelpful. In this context, unbalanced favor with new mobile ventures is counterproductive in light of the important fixed property tax burdens already borne by the established businesses. A happy medium must be sought.

Platform Release C- September 27th, 2013
Platform Release C -
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

6. FREEWAY 'Car Friendly' Transportation Mobility

- The Problem: The Mayor of Calgary should diligently seek to work with Calgary Council to serve the actual mobility needs of Calgarians. The fact is, the lives of Calgarians are far more complex than any City 'social engineering' planner could or is capable of appreciating. Whether it be picking up the school kids, getting them to soccer, volunteering after work or getting to vital business contacts from the Core, Calgarians complex needs for quick, out of LRT range destinations must be honored in a humble 'servant' attitude.
-Larry would seek to prioritize the decreasing of time and money costs of travelling in this great City of Western freedom. The City of Calgary must stop trying to change how Calgarians travel for shoddy and disproven climate change ideological reasons. We are to be stewards of our God-given planet for man's dominion, not worshippers the undeveloped and less productive past.

- Towards Solutions: Even before the torturous discrimination against car drivers by planned bottlenecking (i.e. Elbow Dr. and Mayfair Rd. SW filling in of Bus cutout lanes), seventy per cent of Calgarians still favor this mode as their choice. New Technologies Such as space efficient automated parkades, and smart driving assisted cars are now in the design FREEWAY heading for our city.

7. Increased Downtown Parking &
Rolling Back Extortion Level Rates

-The Problem: Calgary has the highest parking rates in North America, almost as high as Manhattan! We are the second largest land mass nation in the world!! This is unacceptable as it badly handicaps business viability in the Core and forces the majority of day time drivers to avoid the downtown like the Ebola virus.
Since businesses pay almost four times the level of tax and services than that of the residential owner, many live on the edge of the breaking point. This must be reversed! Make it easier for their customers to patronize them, and the prosperity of the business revival will more than recoup losses to the City.
This forced extortion can be ended by the opening up of street parking and the constantly rotating available empty areas which cannot be put to use in discount parking.

-Towards Solutions: Ideologyl driven zoning signage that leaves large spaces underutilized should be taken out. Large empty unpaved lots can be converted to discounted temporary parking, while the space saving multi-level automated parking are built.
Areas such as the hugely available and underused Stampede Grounds, could be encouraged to provide discount parking for those Calgarians who would be willing, and would choose to 'hoof it' for exercise to the core.
Widening of the key roads, signal timing co-ordination, and the removal of unnecessary hazard causing restrictors will make entry and exit of our Core more productive and less expensive.

Platform Release D October 4th,2013

Platform Release D -
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

8. Improve City and Community Safety for Calgarians
-The Problem: Calgary has gotten safer both in public perception and reality. But much more needs to be done, especially in relation to community public order standards and C-Train safety.

A quote from a British Transport Police Official may sum up perceptions in Calgary. "Low level anti-social behaviour, which we know occurs on trains often later at night and when people have been drinking, is undoubtedly under reported. Passengers tend to accept or ignore the minority who make the journeys unpleasant for everyone else." In terms of community policing, it is unfortunate that often law enforcement officials have
joined too quickly in campaigns of decriminalizing so-called 'harmless' behaviour even though it is obvious that public drunkenness, street prostitution, and pornographic displays can destroy a community more quickly than any team of professional burglars.

-Towards Solutions:
A random, but relentless maintenance of standards on
buses and C-trains, i.e. ejecting the offender promptly, would lead to conditions on transit that approximate the level of civility we now take for granted on airplanes.
The process to text by smartphone to transit security discreetly, about an immediate transit disorder should be implemented as well a publicized record of response times from the time of the reports to an intervention
by transit security.

We should continue to extend the implementation of a safe and clean neighborhood policy via the 'Broken Window Theory' of Law Enforcement.
We must continue to restore the long neglected view that police ought to protect communities as well as individuals. Physicians now recognize the importance of fostering health rather than simply treating illness. So too must the police and the rest of us ought to recognize the importance of maintaining intact communities without broken windows. If community standards are enforced, it provides a less likely venue
for the actions of criminals against individuals.

9. Fight Graffiti Vandalism Effectively
-The Problem: The reporting of Graffiti incidents can often take weeks from the time of the sighting till the problem is dealt with. The graffiti vandal gets payoff by riding or walking by his 'work' If left up for even two days, the payoff is enough to keep him at his immature and destructive vandalism of the hapless victim's property.

-Towards Solutions:
Enable Blank Defacing of the Graffiti. As soon as possible cover the graffiti with a neutral non-permeable solution ( i.e. specialized Chalk liquid?) that can be applied in all weather conditions.
This will cover up the 'work' until it can be properly
cleaned up. A range of tones could be available to matched with the wall so contrast with the unaffected area is the least noticeable. The payoff period is cut down to a few hours rather than days. It thus makes the risk of detection greater than the payoff. We should continue with the program to place actual talented art or design on oft defaced public infrastructure on a volunteer basis, with public awards ceremonies recognizing the artists who serve with distinction.

October 10th,2013

Platform Release E-
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

10. Position on Secondary Suites

I do not support the elimination of R1 zoning in favor of Citywide Secondary Suites. Like 'inclusionary zoning' in new apartments, this is a type of economic desegregation denies consumers a choice to locate in areas which have the distinct advantages of Residential 1 zones. Lacking this in Calgary, they will flee to the bedroom communities that still provide such a choice, with the resultant loss of the property tax base.

Families naturally resist this sort of back door social engineering because of the following:
- the Original promise of existing owners who bought intentionally into R1 is violated and this broken covenant begins a cycle of distrust and activates a flight response.
- Secondary Suite zones have a high transient renter population who are not normally invested in the long term future of the community. This decreases property values and lessens security, especially for seniors and families with children.
These are issues that do not impact most students, but the loss
of any available R1 zones in Calgary during their house buying years in the will be a driving motivational loss.
- Thousands of illegal suites of uneven quality exist now in Calgary and a wide open field will make monitoring a huge line item budget in future City budgets.
- the minimum lot width for four cars is 15 metres (50 feet)
and many newer lots in close build communities are smaller than this, creating perpetual parking shortages in what was supposed to be a family refuge from the hub bub of the city.

11. Dealing with the Shortage of Rental Housing

Address the shortage of rental housing in Calgary.
Build confidence of Investors towards rental housing - Increase the ability of landlords to evict tenants who consistently do not live up to their duties of stewardship to maintain the value of rental property.
(Local Education and Provincial Lobbying.)
- Public Civic Listing of delinquent landlords who do not maintain their properties in maintenance, appearance, or safety standards. Investors avoid communities whose standards are on the downward slope.
- Reduce unnecessary provincial standards of approval for suites. ( i.e. Requirement that secondary suites must have separate heating and ventilation systems) to increase approval of legal suites among the thousands of illegal suites.)
- Access the hidden housing market for students that are only available through trust relationships. There is a significant rental housing available through developing relationships with the large population of baby boomer seniors
but only in a trust relationship where they can trust those they are allowing in their homes. Students who are not intent on their education first, and want also to live the 'wild life combo pack' away from home, are shut off from this market.

- A fiscal conservative cannot support rent control as an answer to protect students from fluctuations. Monitoring of abusive landlords or townhouse/condo managers who are exploitive of vulnerable people can be achieved in a cost effective way by a citizen based 'Guardian Angels' approach. Rent Controls will inevitably increase housing shortage, killing investment capital and put current rentals onto a slide to slum like conditions.

October 15th,2013

Platform Release F -
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

12. Response To Sport Calgary on the City's Role.

Although not an active sports participant myself ( my abilities are more in the area of the Performance Arts), I hold a high appreciation for the value of physical activity, teamwork, and sportsmanship
among our citizens in Calgary on both the youth and adult levels. It is my belief that community sports be as organically connected to the local community organizations as possible, fostering
the maximum participation of community leadership and volunteers already located in those areas.
I have reviewed the founding plan of the 2005 Calgary Civic Sport Policy and was concerned that the vision stated there is overly expansive. And that in the sense that the City of Calgary may be going beyond its ability to fulfill the goals and standards set out there. By 2013 ,eight years later, I would think some of the strains and impasses of the plan are beginning to come to the fore, especially in times of financial constraint, and the recent crisis of recovery from the flood that will certainly impact tax funding. I am concerned that after an engaging, parent encouraged period of student participation in sports, a significant number of younger participants are dropping out of activity in favor of often sedentary activities often involving social media, or other digital pursuits.
One of the drivers in this aspect of dropping out may be too much intensity in professionalizing the standards of a sport at too early a stage in their lives. This is particularly a danger in year round sports, that restrict involvement in other areas of recreational, artistic, or family activities that come up in the different seasonal variations we find in our Calgary seasons.
If the student comes to feel 'trapped' in an confined cycle of meeting others expectations, to the detriment of developing a full orbed development of their God-given talents, the push back may result
in a sports related 'been there, done that' response. The exceptional talent in sports with alert mentoring, tends to rise to the top, but the majority if unrealistically expected to rise up likewise, will eventually
reach the limits of developmental fatigue. A less intense focus may encourage sports to become a lifelong involvement of the many leading to the sustainable health of the individual and the community.
The wrong expectations may also not prove to be fiscally possible amidst the many competing calls for City involvement in our modern world.
Young and older adults who remain active in sports are of course in an entirely different phase of their lives, where the balance between vocational and recreational pursuits are much more likely to be harmonized.
There is a helpful analogy in the discipline of bodybuilding, where there is a phenomena that occurs called overreaching/overtraining. To quote:

"Cumulative Microtrauma is the common link in all forms of overreaching/overtraining. In order to perform optimally, athletes must be adequately trained. However, if athletes train too intensely
and/or too often, they may be susceptible to short-term and/or long-term decrements in performance capacity as well as myriad reported physiological, medical, and/or psychological symptoms
of overreaching and overtraining. Factors such as excessive training volume and training intensity, over time, can accumulate to produce decrements in strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance and skilled (motor) performance.
So too can consistently poor nutritional status, lack of rest, choice of exercises, order of exercises, or lack of variation in exercise.
But, by the time you've observed such symptoms, it's too late. Consider these common examples. Is it better to treat obesity (the marker being excess storage of adipose tissue)
or avoid it in the first place? Is it better to take your car in for periodic checkups or fix it after it's broken down (whereupon the marker becomes whatever it was that broke)?
No, fellow iron freaks, the best approach lies in avoiding the appearance of such markers in the first place. "

If there is an application to sports participation of whole groups in overreaching/overtraining, there is also an equivalent phenomena in the organizational actions of local civic government.
Although a business unit of the City may have been well equipped to fulfill its original mission, the vision plan language if too expansive, can create the danger of an avalanche of new and socially constructed additional
mandates. "Mission drift, a.k.a. mission creep, denotes a devolutionary process familiar to most scholars who study the history of public institutions. It is the process of co-opting a successful and
well-conceived process, then gradually expanding it until it is no longer capable of performing its original function. "- Ronald F. White.
The system can become overloaded with paperwork, excessive meetings, and constantly changing evaluation hurdles which can leave a volunteer overwhelmed by the time wastage.
Dealing with necessary probable harms, can expand to many possible harms, and then in the end, imaginary harms. Hidden costs are associated with all of these activities and it can lead to the neglect of
the physical plant, i.e. ice arena equipment or the introduction of staff not qualified, but put in place by outside political considerations. The early stages of mission creep
are often seen in a proliferation of politically charged fact-finding commissions and their resultant findings. ( See Manning Foundation Paper on Phony Consultations )
This is a common feature in today's civic life. Such activities can lead to jurisdictional puzzles for local business units, increased regulatory expense, and high-cost benefit ratios.
The way I would approach vision casting for the City as Mayor, and I would be only one vote of fifteen, is quite different. The fact is that there is a shift in our culture in the understanding
of moral responsibility. It involves a subtle movement toward the institutionalization of rule driven collective responsibility, at the expense of individual responsibility on the part of community
stakeholders. To me, Calgary community sports should always strive to major in the latter arena.

October 18th,2013

Platform Release G-
Larry Heather Campaign For Mayor.

13. Background and Letter to the Arts Community

I have a long involvement in Theatre Arts and Christian music and drama
(i.e. all 20 years of performance in the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller ) I am a playwright and have
produced of 3 2 act drama's one of them a musical called Tree of Light: a Messianic Hanukkah Drama on the Internet. I also do solo, choral, and quartet vocal ministry
and occasionally Trombone solos. I was in the Henry Wise Wood High School Band and the first founding year of the Calgary Stampede Band in 1971. I have a great interest
in Stage Lighting and own a basic system myself. So my remarks are sourced primarily in Theatre but apply to all the other arts.
In all of this, I have tried to integrate my faith and standards from biblical ethics in the way I have understood them.
The potential of all the Arts is a tremendous gift from our Creator and can illuminate truth in many different areas of civic, provincial, and national life in Canada. It can add
immeasurably to the depth of our cultural life as a City.
Obviously, there are financial limits to how much expansion can take place on the civic level and most artists have found it necessary to combine their artistic expression
with a part or full-time job. I know all about people moving to Nashville for a great break, only finding themselves delivering pizza to keep themselves in the area.
I think the development of the King Edward Arts campus is an idea whose time is come and serves as a possible model in other areas. I have written a paper which
will be quite controversial to most of you, but it is my considered study over the years that the Arts can flourish the most, when the reasons why many people are driven away
from the Arts, especially those seeking family friendly productions are recognized. You will find my paper on this link

Here is the first paragraph,
"No society can be utterly indifferent to the ways
its citizens publicly entertain themselves."

Such entertainment forms as bear baiting and cockfighting were outlawed only in part because of the inhumane suffering of the animals themselves. The most important reason for their abolishment was that they debased, brutalized, and hardened those who gathered to witness them. Human freedoms are in the end dependent on good morals and are safeguarded by them. The promotion of biblical ethics in the theatre arts does not prohibit the portrayal of evil, but the portrayal of evil as good or of true virtue as evil.

History of civilizations on the wane are replete with Coliseum style of public entertainments which coarsened the public appetite and ended up turning the precious, treasured and sacred, into the banal , cheapened, and
even despised. They became ripe for takeover, even by less developed civilizations like the Vandals. ( Cue: someone counters with a value positive play on the Vandals. )
This has been noted in Hollywood, that there is a large and often untapped market for those films containing redemptive analogy themes that are faith inspiring. It's not that
evil or violence or moral themes are avoided, it's the fact that they are not presented in a way which stimulates negative effects that glorify and attract to things that do not
Lead to societal health. And the age level Well, who defines what exactly that is, and what right do I as a Candidate for Mayor have in saying that I would or should favor one over the other?
I realize at this point, I have lost the votes of most of your community because of the 'no one's going to dictate to me what morals or the long term effect on the audience can or should be.' feeling
But from a very practical point of view,(Cue: Business manager ears perk up, Artistic director eyebrows furrow) performances that are incapable of drawing a significant audience over the long term puts the art's community in the same dilemma Theatre Junction has, of many groups depending on them for subsidy and a breaking point arriving when non Arts paying customers take up the space. A theatre company that specializes in 'edgier' productions will find that only a niche audience will develop and will be in Constant need of outside help. In fact, the wrong choice of a production at the wrong time, can brand a company in such a way that no
Family or general audience would consider going. ( i.e. Senior's in attendance at StageWest in the past when the language and innuendo goes ripe. I.e. my own parents years ago.)
Going for entertainment and humor and getting the whole 'smear', the net effect is a preference to avoid whole genres in the future. So as time is limited for me, here is my response to your
1. If elected, what are some steps you will take regarding the three listed issues.
a. - expand the Arts performances out of the Core into Community venues in the City and nearby communities lacking such services.
My suggestions for growth, Family friendly redemptive truth productions making available access in parking and familiarity of environment a good fit. ( On the other hand, my car friendly downtown policy
will lower parking rates, and increase nighttime traffic back downtown.)
b. - lower cost of housing and rental spaces through proper service of individual housing and choices for all citizens, ( yes, this involves urban sprawl in Canada, the second largest land mass nation in the world.
- sometimes false environmentalism as opposed to stewardship ends up in skyrocketing costs that kill the artistic golden goose!)
c. - Appropriate space, bolster the diminishing and underfunded drama music programs of college/ high schools with joint use agreements. I.e. Cutbacks of Arts at Mount Royal University, must
be some unused space there now….

2. Integrate Arts I can affirm ( ouch!) with my travels. Also make visitors aware of southern Alberta region attractions that could bring a larger and more varied audiences from around the world
and since Calgary is the air hub, also making their awareness of the Calgary scene more visible upon their physical arrival to the hub. A very strong Theatre and Musical Scene with visual arts a strong follow-up.
3. Primarily, I am a once a week movie watcher. It is my relaxation weekly, I keep so busy with radio duties etc. I have not had the time in the past or the funds to do a lot of music or Theatre enjoyment as I would like.
As much as I can , I attend Heritage Calgary events and see more of the historical side of the arts in that way.