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Richard John Neuhaus wrote in First Things:
"Witness does not have to be successful.
It is its own success, and its absence is evidence of a grievous failure.

" Every ill of which men complain, has it's roots, sometime, somewhere, in broken law and deserted principle."

Below are items which the citizens of Calgary might take interest in. Return to this page for updates in the future.

The Double Swearing In Of
the Mayor Designate Of Calgary
October 25th, 2010

Calgarians will be intrigued at the Two Oaths
Of Office for Mayor pictured below,
one of
which may surprise you.
( See full size in pdf below )

Why Two Oaths of Office for the same person? The second is called Official
( taking place according to the City Hall Blog at 10:30 am, sworn
in by the City Hall Clerk )

and the first (above) Ceremonial by City Hall staffers
- but is this a proper
procedure and what does it imply?
Does not the Local Authorities Election Act
specify that the official transfer of power take
place immediately before the Organizational
Meeting. And if the Oath that took place
at the meeting was ineffectual, where does
that place the Oaths of the Aldermen?

Democracy At Twilight invites you
to find out by reading
The Double Swearing In's
Of Mayor Designate Naheed Nenshi

Note the Minutes Of the October
25th Organizational Meeting
Part One - pdf

There is no indication in the minutes
that the swearing in of the Mayor is
ceremonial at that point saying only
"Ms. Shaeen Nathoo administered the
Oath of Office to Mayor-Elect Naheed Nenshi."

Letters & Responses of Minister of Municipal Affairs
Hector Goudreau to this Unusual
Swearing In -pdf

Letters & Responses
Of Mary Clark
Registrar, Official Documents and Appointments
and Alberta Justice
to Unauthorized
signing by a non-
Comissioner of Oaths - pdf

For Your Further Study

Alberta Oaths Of Office Act - pdf

Alberta Commissioners For Oaths Act - pdf


Naheed Nenshi's Administration
Accomodation to Occupy Calgary
Then - Persecution of Street Church
Calgary Worship
Many Calgarians were mystified at Naheed Nenshi's
unwillingness to enforce City Bylaws against the
Occupy Calgary Movement in 2011
. Let's take a
deeper look at why.

All Means All - by Ezra Levant
Calgary Sun December 31st, 2011

Dave Meslin
Kicks Off Nenshi's
Three Things For Calgary Campaign
Noted for his Public Space Activism in the City of Toronto,
Dave Meslin is a curious choice by Naheed Nenshi to
kick off Three Things For Calgary in October 2011.
Clips of Dave Meslin are Included in an on-air discussion
with Art Pawlowski and Jim Blake on why Occupy
Calgary protesters were treated in such a different
way to the Street Church Calgary activities in Calgary

Gospel Road Excerpt - Nov. 13th, 2011
Remembrance Day Weekend Show - mp3

Dave Meslin Profile Occupy Type Activities
Toronto Life 2006 - pdf

Nenshi Campaign Election Funds
Filing - City of Calgary Elections Office

Readers at Democracy At Twilight will be
interested in examining the Elections Finance
Return of the Nenshi Campaign.
This gives a good
idea of who was supporting the campaign and how the
funds were used. It is interesting to note that although a
surplus is recorded of $ 425, the unpaid balance
at Dec. 31st, 2010 for the campaign was still
$ 86,231 over 21% of total campaign expenditures of
$ 404,229. In what areas were these unpaid bills still outstanding?

Arabic Background on Ketman and Taqiyya
Wikipedia Def
Ketman (Arabic kitman ("secrecy, concealment") is the act of paying lip service to authority while holding personal opposition. It is a sort of political or religious camouflage, for the purpose of survival, in circumstances where open opposition would result in persecution. Ketman can be practiced through many generations, and eventually erupt in the form of revolutions, uprisings, etc.

Taqiyya is a practice in Shia Islam whereby adherents may conceal their faith when they feel that they are under threat, persecution or compulsion.[1]

The value of an oath is determined by someone's ethics. So, what are Islamic ethics? Like all aspects of Islam, its ethics are found in the Koran, the Sira (Mohammed's biography) and the Hadith (his traditions). The Golden Rule is not in these texts. Instead, Islam has dualistic ethics, one set of rules for Muslims and one set for kafirs (non-Muslims). This means that Islam dictates brotherhood between Muslims, but not Muslims and kafirs. Political Islam is Islam's ideology about unbelievers, kafirs.
Islam cuts the world into two sections. The section governed by Sharia, or Islamic Law, is named Dar al-Islam, or House of Submission. All parts of
the remaining section is called Dar al-Harb, or House of War. It is named House of War, in light of , according to the Koran, it is fated to be ruled by Sharia. It will require war - holy war called jihad - to make it part of
the House of Submission.

Swearing In on The Bible Or A Koran
What's The Difference ?
Does It Make A Difference In Calgary?

Pledging allegiance to the western
Justice Code based on
the Judeo-Christian
values found in the Bible,
the Common Law that is
built around the Ten Commandments

Ceremonies matter a lot. Ceremonies are essential to the continuity of a civilization because they are living symbols of underlying cultural beliefs and treasures of thought which represent the continuity and stability of a society going into the future.

The Bible is the original and authentic source of ethics in Canada and it's very verses are carved in the archways of our entrance to Parliament in Ottawa. In 1943, we would never have allowed a member of Parliament to take their oath on 'Mein Kampf,' or someone in the 1950s Cold War to swear allegiance to the 'Communist Manifesto.'
The Canadian Constitution opens with a Declaration of the Supremacy of God, which precedes and defines the subsequent Rule of Law in our Nation. God is not Allah, and given the insistence of Muslims that only the Koran in Arabic is authoritative, the word God or the French 'Dieu' does not appear in their Book.

"What is Next? A witch gets elected, and she says she's gonna only be sworn in with her hand over a pentagram? Where does this end?"
Michael Savage - Conservative Commentator - Nov.28-2006
in response to Congressman
Keith Ellison swearing in to office
on a Koran.

Pledging allegiance to
the Sharia law code derived from
the Koran. Only the Arabic
language version is considered authoritative in Islam putting
non Arabic readers at a distinct
disadvantage in discussions with Muslims.

Muslims believe the Holy Bible has been changed so many times throughout history that the number of translations and interpretations can not be counted. Muslims believe that since the Bible was changed, the Muslim god Allah sent down the Qu'ran to clarify what was misplaced in the Bible.

1. If the Only Authentic Quran is the one in Arabic, we are swearing into public office in a Language that does not form the languages of our court or government in Canada.
2. Are there Fundamental Beliefs of the Quran make it incompatible with democracy?
Are all holy books equivalent regarding honesty and a pledge to do the public good?
4. Is a public official placing himself under risk of Islamic retribution when they depart from the beliefs in controversial areas and oppose in practice and word the beliefs of the book they swore on?
5. Do the values of the Quran have within the book the power to develop and sustain a modern Western democracy?

"It is never wise to forfeit principles now,
that will surely have to be
redeemed at great cost in the future."

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Debates

on Multiculturalism& Islam on the
November 19th, 2010 Riz Khan Show on
- English Channel

Found On You Tube in Three Parts

Kamal Saleem: A Muslim 'Cultural Jihadist'
seeking to shift Western Society suffers a
personal tragedy which
changes his life video link

Nenshi Campaign Workers
& Current Mayor's
Staff Connections To Alberta Party

Nenshi Organizer Puts Scare In Tories over
Alberta Party Role

Don Braid - Calgary Herald - Nov. 11th, 2010
"This kind of activity might not be
a good idea when we've got so many things
to work out with the City."
- unnamed senior official in Ed Stelmach's Office

Nenshi Staffs Up Mayors Office
Calgary Sun, Dec. 7th 2010

Other Connections? Email Us on Groups Page

Person City/Campaign Position AB. Party Position
Chima Nekemdirim

Corporate Securites Lawyer
Mayor's Chief of Staff / Campaign Co-Chair Director/Past VP - Former Alberta Liberal Activist
Nancy Close

Former Public School Board Trustee
Mayor's Community Relations Coordinator /Campaign Volunteer Coordinator Director
Richard Enarson Campaign Internet Director
Other Notable Alberta Party People
Dave Taylor Former Liberal Party
MLA switches in mid-stream to Alberta Party and becomes their first ever sitting MLA
Sat as Independent MLA for several months in 2010 till Jan. 23rd, 2011
Dave King Former Lougheed Era Education Minister Director
Former PC Party

Dave King wishes to abolish Separate Catholic
System and any possible Protestant Systems for one united secular system. ( Requires Amending Alberta 1905 act and Canadian Constitution.) This is truly radical.

Nenshi Campaign Manager
Stephen Carter Owed $600,000 in Bad Debt at time
to Stampede and U. Of Calgary
Has Now become Premier
Alison Redford's Chief of Staff
after managing her Campaign.

Should Nenshi be concerned
about payment to City Controlled Stampede and
his alma mater, the U. of Cal?

See Calgary News Article pdf
Can Province Ignore Debt to Provincially Created
Municipal Organizations?


Cartoon Nenshi Reflects Honeymoon Phase
CBC news Nov. 11th, 2010
How Long Will 'Honeymoon' last?

Places Where Nenshi
Studied and Worked


Saudi Prince Give 20 million dollars each to Harvard
& Georgetown Universities Dec. 13, 2005

to advance
Islamic Studies and further understanding of Islam
in the World. Among other things, digitizing Islamic texts
and providing Scholarships are included.

Alwaleed would reduce Middle Eastern studies
to a cargo cult, with university administrators
vying to win the attention of the flying prince
- Martin Kramer, Jan. 2nd, 2006

Harvard Outreach Program uses
Stealth Curriculum
Texts funded and approved by Saudi Arabia Supervision.

July 25th, 2007
“The Arab World Studies Notebook.” The “Notebook” has been widely denounced as a “practically proselytizing” text offering uncritical praise for the Arab world. Stotsky calls it, “a piece of propaganda.”One analysis quoted by Stotsky says that the “Arab World Studies Notebook” is designed to “induce teachers to embrace Islamic religious beliefs” and to “support political views” favored by the Middle East Policy Council (formerly the Arab American Affairs Council).
The “Notebook” even claims that Muslims actually beat Columbus to the New World, supposedly sailing across the Atlantic in 889. This is the sort of history being pushed on our K-12 educators by Harvard’s federally approved Center for Middle East Studies — at American taxpayer expense.
Harvard’s outreach training prompted K-12 teachers to design celebratory treatments of the life and teachings of Mohammed and the “revelation” and spread of Islam, with exercises calling on students to “appoint imams,” memorize Islamic principles, and act out prayer at a Mosque. According to Stotsky, if Harvard’s outreach personnel had designed similar classroom exercises based on Christian or Jewish models, “People for the American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the A.C.L.U. would descend upon them like furies.”
The upshot of all this is that the close links between Saudi funded curriculum-development and teacher-training programs, on the one hand, and federally subsidized university programs of Middle East Studies, on the other, has opened up a backdoor route to
Saudi influence over America’s K-12 curriculum.

The Present Day Aga Khan, Karim Shah, Naheed
Nenshi's spiritual leader
was educated at Harvard.

Affirmative Action Program at Harvard Challenged
Harvard Crimson - Feb. 19th, 2004

Harvard Business School has dropped a rule barring white and Asian students from a summer program after two groups opposed to race-based admissions threatened to take legal action against Harvard.
The Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP)—which brings incoming college seniors to Allston for a week in June to study under Business School faculty—will no longer restrict participation to racial and ethnic minorities.

McKinsey & Company, Inc.
International Management Consulting Firm
Principal Subsidiaries: Information Consulting Group.
See History of Company from Funding Universe Website

Little is known about the managing partners of
the company, who are it's owners.
But in the early nineties, criticism
of the lack of race diversity among the partners
prompted statements.

"McKinsey partners, said that the company
was committed to employing a diversified work force."
( See History )

McKinsey Page on Diversity Networks

4 Separate Network Groups in Diversity Emphasis.

From Wikipedia On McKinsey

Secrecy evades Criticism & Documentation
According to a former employee, the firm itself will not discuss specific client situations and maintains a carefully crafted and low-profile external image, which also protects it from public scrutiny, making an assessment of its client base, its success rate, and its profitability difficult.[15] This secrecy also helps conceal McKinsey's prices.[citation needed] Client confidentiality is maintained even among former employees, and as a result, journalists and writers have had difficulty developing fully informed accounts of mistakes which McKinsey employees may have made.

Past Failures Among McKinsey Advised Clients

What Business Strategies/ Pitfalls to be warned about:

Enron was headed by McKinsey alumni and was one of the firm's biggest clients before its collapse.[16] In particular, McKinsey's "deep-seated belief that having better talent at all levels is how you outperform your competitors", implemented at Enron with McKinsey's knowledge, resulted in a workplace culture of prima donnas that "took more credit for success than was legitimate, that did not acknowledge responsibility for its failures, that shrewdly sold the rest of us on its genius, and that substituted self-nomination for disciplined management."[17] Jeff Skilling, sentenced to 24 years in federal prison as the CEO of Enron, was formerly a partner at McKinsey and "loyal alum."
Another notably troubled company associated with McKinsey is Swissair, which entered bankruptcy,[18] after McKinsey recommended The Hunter Strategy.
Railtrack, the British railway company, also collapsed, allegedly after following McKinsey's advice to reduce spending on infrastructure and return cash to shareholders instead, subsequently there were a number of fatal accidents.[19][20]
Misguided analysis, such as its recommendation in 1980 to AT&T that cellular phones would be a niche market.[21]
McKinsey is a named defendant in Hurricane Katrina litigation. Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti's suit accuses McKinsey of being the "architect" of sweeping changes in the insurance industry, starting in the 1980s. The suit alleges McKinsey advised insurers to "stop 'premium leakage' by undervaluing claims using the tactics of "deny, delay, and defend".[22]
Several civil suits have been filed against home insurance and vehicle insurance companies after the insurers were advised by McKinsey, and allegedly paid the insured parties significantly less than the actual value of the damage.[23] McKinsey was cited in a February 2007 CNN article with developing controversial car insurance practices used by State Farm and Allstate in the mid-1990s to avoid paying claims involving soft tissue injury.[24]
Anil Kumar, a senior McKinsey consultant, pleaded guilty in January 2009 to providing the New York based hedge fund Galleon Group with inside information.[25]
Among other books and articles, The Witch Doctors, written by The Economist journalists John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, presents a series of blunders and disasters alleged to have been McKinsey's consultants' Similarly, Dangerous Company: The Consulting Powerhouses and the Businesses They Save and Ruin by James O'Shea and Charles Madigan critically examines McKinsey's work within the context of the consulting industry.

Nenshi's Faith
Ismaili Sect Of Islam
& The Aga Khan Karim Shah

Link To Identifying the Isma'ili
by Jim Davis

A short summary of the distinctives of the
Ismaili Muslim sect including the reinterpretation
of the five Pillars of Islam. Note connection
of the Ismaili to United Nations development

Aga Khan Claims descendancy
from Nizari Ismaili LIne

This line claims to have come from what is
historically known as the
Ismaili Assassin Cult of Persia and Syria.
In 1818 one of their leaders is granted
the title of Aga Khan by the shah of Persia.
In 1840, after an abortive uprising against the next
Shah, this first Aga Khan flees to India. There he
and his descendants remain leaders of an Ismaili
community numbered in Syria, India, Pakistan, Iran
and elsewhere, in several millions. The present
Aga Khan Karim Shah, born in 1936, is only the
fourth in the line.
See Brief History of Ismailis from HistoryWorld dot net

The ASSASSINS: A Radical Sect
In Islam

An authoritative and fascinating
study of the history of the Ismaili Assassins
by a world renowned scholar on Islam.

See a brief book report on the Bernard
Lewis book The Assassins
as a stimulant
to a full read. Illuminating quotes from
authors from various ages.

Aga Khan Museum to Open In Toronto
in 2013 to display Islamic Art and Aritifacts

Nenshi written:
Imagine Calgary
100 Year Vision

According to his Linked In biography
Naheed Nenshi was a primary author of Imagine
Calgary - Calgary's 100 year vision to which Caglary City Council became an official partner in September of 2006.

This is not the first time a grand design was envisioned
for the City of Caglary. The 1913 Mawson Plan pictured
below was, like the Imagine Calgary Plan birthed
in a time of economic boom before the great bust of
wartorn 1914.

Pictured above the Mawson plan developed by the renowned planner Thomas Mawson was to be an Edwardian model of civic harmony, elegance, and utility. Although the plan reflected the aspirations and characteristics of the "boom" economy, with the coming war, a shortage of sandstone and a lack of public resources, it never materialized. Many of the Scottish masons which had created the initial 'Sandstone City' of the Foothills, volunteered for service in the Great War and most never returned to pick up their chisels and trowels.
The Imagine Calgary Long Range Plan - Pdf
not only envisions an impressive city plan
but the engineering of a model citizen Calgarian
to fit in with the plan. We have seen such
lofty aspirations elsewhere in history!

In the Analysis of Democracy At Twilight the
Imagine Calgary 100 year Plan is a flawed, contradictory
and dangerously utopian plan that will spawn out
of control spending, bureaucratic implosion, and
endless conflict with other levels of government.
In a real sense, the Alderman of today are bound up
in inflexible chains imposed upon them by
the authors of the past unless this 'grand' scheme
is repudiated for something more accorded to
the productive humility of the past.

Alderman Ric McIver and Helene Larocque
were the only Aldermen to see through
this utopian plan and
vote against it's adoption.

See Council Minutes of Sept. 11th, 2006
and Committee Land Use, Planning and
Transportation Report. pdf LPT 2006-67

( More To Come)

Thanksgiving in 1913, NOt Boastful
Unrealistic, self-sufficiency
is The True Spirit Of CAlgary Past.
The Mawson Plan was not divorced from our heritage,
unlike today's 'climate change."

Link To Full PDF Of Above Brochure

The decade following World War I brought with it a collage of social and economic changes but it is interesting to reflect on a time in 1913 when the above City Sponsored Thanksgiving Service was a normal part of Civic life

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